Is CeMAP training at home for you?

In our recent article, we discussed the growing availability of CeMAP training at home and in the classroom and how demand in this area is expected to surge. This increase in demand makes it all the more important that you choose the best CeMAP training for you. Is CeMAP training at home for you?

With any form of distance learning, a major component for anyone is the ability to motivate yourself and be self disciplined. For many people, working an eight hour day in the office and then coming home to do their CeMAP training can be challenging. Therefore, before you sign up to doing CeMAP training via home study, be certain that you can promise yourself that taking your CeMAP training at home is possible. Consider your timetable – would you study at weekends, in the evenings or the mornings? Will your family support you in your efforts? The investment in your time is perhaps even more important than the financial commitment.

Think also about your ability to study material with the help of a live teacher stood before you to help you. Whether you choose to study from printed out materials or study CeMAP online in front of your computer, both of which are possible, you should consider how much support is offered. Good CeMAP training courses, even home study distance learning CeMAP materials, should present the material in a variety of ways – some students like theory written plainly in front of them, others like real life examples and self-test questions are important to confirm your understanding is correct. If you choose a good CeMAP training provider then the materials should have been put together by someone with both a working knowledge of the mortgage industry and knowledge of teaching and understanding.

Consider also where you will study. Will you go to the library, work in the spare room or from the kitchen table? To ensure effective home study, you should minimise distractions, whether it is from loving children, a partner or pets. Ensure you will have the right amount of alone time for study.

Completing your CeMAP training, and whether to study this using distance learning, is a decision you need to take with your eyes wide open. If you feel you can identify and resolve distractions, discipline yourself to make time for study and organise yourself, then CeMAP training could prove a fruitful opportunity for you to further yourself.

At Beacon Financial Training, all our CeMAP courses, including our home study distance learning options, have been put together by an ex-professional teacher who also has years of experience working as a mortgage advisor. All our home study courses also include tutor support via email and telephone where necessary.



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