Is now the right time to begin CeMAP training?

We may be in the grip of recession and at the trough of a housing market slump, but is the time right to begin CeMAP training to become a mortgage advisor, or to begin a career in the financial services sector?

If recent news is any indication, we could be just turning the corner of the housing slump. As we reported here, May saw a slight increase in property prices throughout the UK, bucking the trend of constant dips for the last year or so. Also last week saw the prediction from Smartlandlord.co.uk that property investors would be investing in property in the UK more heavily in the next few months.

This all suggests that we have in fact seen the worst of the financial situation and things are starting to improve. Of course, one swallow doesn’t make a summer, and we should still tread carefully, but with regards to CeMAP training the timing is indeed right to begin your course as when the mortgage industry starts to gather momentum, you’ll be perfectly placed to capitalise on it.

Why do CeMAP Training in the current financial climate?



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