Is your personality a match for practicing mortgage advice?

If you’ve been looking into getting your Certificate of Mortgage and Practice (CeMAP) so you can start a new career as a mortgage broker, you’ll likely have seen the skills you’ll need to succeed. From expert customer service abilities and the ability to comprehend complex content to IT and communication skills, the list is lengthy. While you can develop many of these skills during your CeMAP studies, it’s worth asking yourself if you are personally suited to being an advisor.

In the next sections, we’ll look at some key questions worth asking before embarking on your new career path.

Are you honest?

The first section of the CeMAP syllabus will inform would-be advisors of the laws that govern mortgage brokers. Honesty and integrity are vital qualities in a broker, as it is an exceptionally trustworthy position. Mortgage deals typically involve hundreds of thousands of pounds and people’s life savings, so the advice they receive must always be in their best interests. Confidentiality is also key, as advisors must deal with sensitive information belonging to their clients.

Are you a people person?

If you prefer your own company and find communication a chore, being a mortgage advisor is not the best career for your nature. Being a broker and coping with clients requires patience and understanding. Substantial financial deals like mortgages can be extremely stressful for all involved, but especially property owners. Having a genuine affection for others can be of benefit under such trying circumstances.

Along with helping clients, advisors must interact with a wide range of people every day, from surveyors and insurers to other advisors and employees at mortgage providers like banks and building societies. If the thought of this much human contact makes you tired, another profession might be preferable.

Are you self-motivated?

Whether you work for a firm after you finish your CeMAP training or go it alone as an independent broker, hard work and the ability to set you own goals are essential. While the rewards are great, practicing mortgage advice is a competitive career often driven by financial targets. The ability to work effectively under your own steam, without being micro-managed, is vital for becoming a leading broker.

CeMAP training at your fingertips

At Beacon Financial Training, we have extensive experience in offering high-quality training to help you be the best broker you can be. If you feel you have the skills and personality type to thrive in practicing mortgage advice, you’ll find our courses fit your needs.

By the time you complete your studies, you’ll be able to include the letters CeMAP after your title, letting clients and employers know you have distinguished yourself as a knowledgeable and fully trained advisor. The CeMAP qualification is recognised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), giving you the licence to practice as a broker, and is also well-respected by firms looking to hire advisors, and customers seeking to secure a mortgage.

Browse our courses online or get in touch for further details.



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