June saw Just Mortgages embark on advisor hiring spree

Just Mortgages has revealed that an advisor recruitment drive over the course of last month brought in a total of 37 additional advisors across its self-employed and employed departments.

The lender is stating that 19 of these new advisors have been hired on an employed basis and are graduates of its internal training academy, while the other 18 are highly experienced mortgage advisors who have been recruited on a self-employed basis. The latter group is made up of people who are seeking greater freedom and control over their businesses, without losing the help with issues such as compliance that a big lender can provide.

Those joining the employed division of Just Mortgages are set to work out of various estate agents that come under the company’s umbrella, and will be provided with opportunities for further training and development alongside their CeMAP mortgage advisor qualification.

The new recruits mean that Just Mortgages now has 560 advisors working for it in total, split between its two divisions. Speaking to Mortgage Strategy, John Phillips, its group operations director, said that demand for different ways of working was growing among qualified advisors, adding:

“Our self-employed division gives them that opportunity to take control of their careers and support them to make their business goals come to life.”

The option of joining a major lender on a self-employed basis after completing CeMAP training is popular with many advisors, as it provides them with both security and freedom to develop their own businesses.


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