Key skills you’ll develop as a qualified mortgage advisor

Those who choose to become mortgage brokers are often individuals keen to improve not just their standard of living with an excellent salary, but their personal abilities as well. Taking up the challenge of becoming a professional mortgage advisor, you’ll find that you are constantly learning about your chosen field, and you’ll develop a wide range of both technical and interpersonal skills.

In the following passages, we’ll explore two key areas of development for would-be brokers, first in training and secondly when practicing, to explain some of the skills you will have in your possession when you become a certified mortgage advisor.

A new skillset from CeMAP training

To legally offer mortgage advice, you’ll need a qualification from a dedicated course, and you’ll learn many new skills when completing your Certificate of Mortgage and Practice training. From self-discipline and diligence to attention to detail, studying for your CeMAP qualification will help you hone your abilities. It will also teach you a host of new skills, from how to be a better listener and managing client expectations to how to complete complicated applications in a correct and timely fashion.

Developing a range of new abilities as an advisor

Whether you opt to be self-employed or work under the umbrella of a bank or building society, once you’re working as a professional broker, you’ll find even more new skills waiting to be attained.

Communicating is key as an advisor, and you’ll get plenty of opportunities to do so. You’ll often have to explain complicated information in a concise and clear manner to your clients. Explaining not just facts, but the figures involved in financial products, will improve your arithmetic skills as well.

Personal skills are also ready to be mastered in mortgage advice work – you’ll learn how to be motivated to exceed targets, how to manage your time and how punctuality is paramount for good relations with both clients and employers.

While being trustworthy and honest are not skills but qualities, they will assist you in shaping new skills, such as customer care, client discretion and maintaining diplomatic relations between all parties involved in securing a mortgage for your clients.

Seeking a CeMAP training company

If you’re set on becoming a professional mortgage broker and are seeking to start your studies, at Beacon Financial Training, you couldn’t be in better hands.

With many years assisting candidates to become fully fledged advisors, we’ve honed our study courses to create a comprehensive experience that ensures you’ll have the skills you need to launch your new career. We provide classes in dedicated centres, as well as agile home learning options that can be undertaken in your spare time.

When you take your exams to obtain your qualification necessary to practice, you’ll be able to sit your tests multiple times for a single fee to ensure you get a result you’re entirely satisfied with. We are proud of our impressive pass rates, and we look forward to welcoming you on our courses. Contact us today to begin your brand-new career.


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