Is it too late to sell your home in time for Christmas?

According to recent analysis, if your property does not go onto the market by today (October 17), it is unlikely to sell in time for Christmas.

The study, compiled by EstateAgent4Me, suggests that properties put on the market during October in 2015 and 2016 have taken 65 days on average to sell. This would mean placing your property up for sale by October 17 in order to sell by December 22, which is the last working day before the festive season commences.

However, if you are looking for a quick sale, consider listing your home in January, as the average time for homes to sell when listed in January, is 51 days. This was the fastest selling time during 2016, while January and July shared the quickest time for a property to sell during 2015.

The chief executive of HomeOwners Alliance, Paula Higgins, says that a common objective of home owners is to sell their home by the end of the year and be settled in a new home by Christmas.

Of course, it is possible to increase the chances of a quick sale by taking action yourself. Ensure that you price your home realistically, so that it is more likely to sell. You may also want to clear your home of any clutter, decorate if necessary, and present a welcoming home to potential buyers. Consulting a CeMAP qualified mortgage advisor is also recommended so that you have all the financial aspects of the sale organised prior to an offer being made.


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