Location, Location, Location!

It’s the old adage when buying any property; it’s the location that matters as the properties in the best locations will tend to increase in price faster than those in poor locations, so be sure to choose by location, location, location. That’s the title of the property show starring Phil Spencer and Kirsty Allsopp where house hunters are shown properties with a hope of looking to buy. Phil and Kirsty would seek out the best properties that fitted in with the person’s budget and ones that hopefully ticked all of the boxes in terms of what they’re looking for.

The idea of the programme is to help people limited budgets look for properties that fulfil their needs and are within their budget.

Frequently in the show people found that they just couldn’t afford what they wanted in the location that they wanted, but due to Phil and Kirsty’s knowledge and persistence they’re often able to find something in a nearby area that is up and coming. This is a useful method when looking for a property to buy, as the best areas are always the most expensive, but areas close by often find their property prices increase in value as people who can’t quite afford the better areas move in.

Something else that Phil and Kirsty imparted on the people they were helping was the knack of dealing with estate agents. Often the property that the couple had set their hearts on was above their agreed mortgage offer, so they couldn’t afford it, but with Phil and Kirsty’s help they were often able to make offers considerably below the asking price, and within their mortgage offer, enabling them to afford the property.

One of the things that Phil and Kirsty were able to do very effectively on Location, Location, Location is to balance up the requirements people had for their property search and prioritise which ones could be compromised to fit within their budget.



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