Mortgage advice campaign for deaf community launched

JLM Mortgage Services is launching a new campaign that is intended to help greater numbers of people in the deaf community to access the mortgage advice they need.

This campaign is set to be overseen by Greenacre Financial Services, the appointed representative company for JLM, and it is the brainchild of Greg Stanworth, a Managing Director at Greenacre. He was inspired by talking to another member of staff at the company who can use British Sign Language (BSL) fluently, making him equipped to support hard-of-hearing or deaf people seeking mortgage help.

The member of staff in question – Matt Butler – has now taken part in a new video for Greenacre, in which he uses BSL to outline his job and what he can do to help people with hearing problems.

Greenacre intends this to be the first stage in its bid to reach more people in that position who have struggled to get advice about mortgages in the past and let them know that there is help within the industry for them. The company is hoping that it will drive other advice firms to give their staff training in BSL.

Speaking to Financial Reporter, Stanworth said he was proud of the initiative, adding:

“It’s great to be able to reach out to a wider audience and to help individuals feel more comfortable in what can be a challenging area.”

This training for advisors could form part of the post-CeMAP course continuous professional development, which helps them continue to provide the best possible service.



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