Mortgage advisor marketing classes launched by Paradigm

Mortgage lender Paradigm has announced that it will be supporting advisors who run their own businesses with a series of summer classes teaching them how to market their services.

These classes are set to run for a period of six weeks and will be taking place entirely online. The purpose behind them is to teach mortgage advisors how they can get the maximum possible benefit out of their business promotions and marketing.

To assist with that, articles, guides and worksheets will be published that advisors signing up for the course can access that will cover how to use marketing to generate more opportunities.

Paradigm has indicated that the classes will be suitable both for new advice firms that are still working out how to market themselves and more established ones that wish to get better results from their promotional activities. Different areas will be dealt with each week, including benefiting from social media and both real-world and virtual marketing.

Speaking to Mortgage Solutions, the Operations and Marketing Chief at Paradigm, Riona Mulherin, said:

“Paradigm’s ‘Summer School of Marketing’ is here to demystify the whole concept and provide clear, easy to understand advice, and to offer a range of resources that can be utilised by all firms in order to either begin the marketing journey or to up their game.”

This course is scheduled to run until the middle of September.

Completing CeMAP training courses is just the first step for mortgage advisors, as continuous professional development is essential in an industry that changes constantly.


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