Organise your CeMAP study

Whether you’re studying for the CeMAP exam, one of the other financial exams such as the CeFA or CeRER qualification, or anything else, how you organise your study is important to your success.

Of course, everyone would love to go on an intensive full time course but not everyone can take the time out from work. This is generally the easiest way to study because you are able to concentrate, you’re in a place dedicated to the course with similar minded people and particularly with teacher-trained instructors and properly organised course suppliers the study is organised and structured correctly for you.

The second best option is home study – a home study CeMAP, CeFA or CeRER course is also structured for you into easy-to-follow and, with a reputable supplier, tried-and-tested methods of learning to suit people who learn in different ways. What is left to do is then the discipline. To get yourself organised, talk to your family or friends about what you’re doing so they can support and encourage you. Set aside regular time slots and most importantly, a place to study away from distractions. Studying at the kitchen table might mean you’re away from the distraction of the television and family, but if you have to spend time retrieving your books and putting them away at each study session not only will this waste time but make you feel disorganised; at worst, you might lose something.

Be sure to highlight important points and make notes. A good home study course will come with revision questions and notes to help you prepare for the exam, and you can even get support from a tutor.



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