Poll shows advisors optimistic about business growth

A new poll of advisors that Accord Mortgages has conducted shows that the overwhelming majority are optimistic about the potential for growing their businesses over the next 10 years.

This poll saw Accord Mortgages speak to 170 advisors, and 79% of them said they felt sure they would be able to expand their businesses during that time period. A further 52% stated that they believed the market for mortgage advice had become more important than ever. In total, 54% argued that this was due to the personal circumstances of borrowers becoming more complicated, with 54% also saying that there was a greater general need for such advice.

Accord also sought the opinions of advisors about the effects of Covid-19 on their business models, and 45% of them said that it had become necessary to connect with their clients in new ways due to it. Another 32% of those surveyed stated that they had put more money into buying technology to enable them to stay in touch with their clients.

Close to half of the advisors that took part – 48% in total – indicated that they had achieved a better balance of home and working life, with 57% saying that their businesses were now better placed to handle crises in the future.

The Managing Director of Accord Mortgages, Jeremy Duncombe, said to Mortgage Strategy that the results of the survey showed that the advice industry was in a good place.

This may be why CeMAP training courses are in high demand, as people are keen to get into a thriving sector.


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