PRIMIS announces APPLY integration

PRIMIS Mortgage Network has announced that it will be integrating the APPLY module provided by Twenty7Tec with its own Toolbox back-office system.

What this will mean in practical terms is that mortgage advisors who are members of the PRIMIS network and make use of Toolbox will be able to put in applications for loans to several different mortgage lenders without the same information having to be keyed in each time.

In announcing the news of the integration, Twenty7Tec Chief Executive James Tucker told Mortgage Introducer that he was very happy that PRIMIS had made the decision to integrate with his company’s solution to make life easier for mortgage advisors. He then went on to say that:

“PRIMIS has been a long-standing partner of ours and this integration will be great news to advisors who are determined to offer the most effective and efficient service possible to their clients.”

Those advisors who are PRIMIS members will not only be able to take advantage of the convenience offered by APPLY – they will also gain the use of the SOURCE platform created by Twenty7Tec. This is a search engine covering bridging and secured loans, as well as equity release and standard mortgage products.

Twenty7Tec developed its APPLY module to make applications easier by providing one portal for submitting all files and relevant client information needed when applying for a mortgage.

Following completion of the CeMAP course, advisors can face heavy demand, and a system that can cut the amount of admin involved in applications will help with that.


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