Rate cuts and return of green mortgages confirmed by Keystone

Keystone Property Finance has confirmed that it is the latest lender to apply rate reductions, in this case to its range of fixed five-year products, and it is also restoring its green mortgage slate.

The reductions to the rates for these fixed five-year loans are by a maximum of 15bps and form part of wider changes the lender has made to its product slate. The starting rate for fixed five-year loans at 65% loan-to-value (LTV) is now 5.89%, whereas it is 5.99% for the fixed five-year loans with LTV of 75%.

In addition to those rate cuts for five-year fixes, the lender – which offers specialist loans to those buying to let – has also brought back green mortgages. It now has four such products available, with a maximum LTV of 80% and a starting rate of 6.14%. The fee for these products is 5.5%.

The property a landlord is seeking to buy or remortgage has to have earned an A or B EPC rating for energy efficiency for them to be eligible for one of these loans.

Other changes to the slate of products on offer from Keystone include new switch and fix as well as product transfer loans, both for two years. Starting rates for the former have been set at 6.54% and for the latter they begin at 7.44%.

Advisors with CeMAP training will always be glad to see a greater number of products on the market and more green mortgages is particularly important given the climate crisis.


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