Recession is your chance with a CeMAP qualification

The country may be in the grip of recession, with the financial outlook bleak across the globe and unemployment being at record levels, but this is actually the best time to be going it alone in business. Many of the biggest and most successful businesses were born out of recession, as any financial climate offers opportunities for those willing to taking advantage of them.

CeMAP training is one such course you could undertake so that you’re in a position to act when the economy begins to recover. CeMAP, as explained in the below video, is the Certificate of Mortgage Adviser Practice, as is required for anyone to become a mortgage adviser in the UK.

CeMAP qualification

With the government taking measures to ensure that mortgage lenders become more competitive and more offers are made for buyers, the housing market is certain to recover, if not by the end of this year, at some point in 2010. It’s essential therefore that you’re in a position to capitalise on the market recovery when it eventually happens.



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