Remote training and support provided by advisor networks

Two networks for mortgage advisors in the UK have announced that they are providing new processes for remote training as well as support portals to assist their members throughout the current crisis.

Stonebridge and Openwork are the networks in question, with the latter stating that its academy and introduction training courses will now be available online to enable advisors to complete them from home. The portal created by Openwork is set to provide government guidance updates, advice on how to handle remote working with clients and support in dealing with existing clients who are struggling.

Stonebridge has confirmed that advisors who are new to its network will be able to undergo their inductions remotely via an online service for the duration of the lockdown. Its support portal is being targeted at both customers and appointed representative companies and will provide up-to-the-minute news about the crisis, advice on financial and business issues and answers to frequently asked questions.

Speaking to Mortgage Solutions, the chief technology officer for Stonebridge, Carl Webber, said that plans had already been put in place to enable advisors and appointed representative companies to keep operating and added:

“Feedback from firms has been excellent and it encourages us to continue to add new ways of working and training to ensure users have everything they need to make it through this difficult period and beyond.”

Many companies that offer CeMAP mortgage advisor training are also moving courses online with the same aim of ensuring advisors can pursue their careers during the lockdown.



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