Should exam prices be included in course fees?

When potential students of the CeMAP, CeFA or CeRER start to shop around for training courses, one of the first questions they often ask is whether or not the exam fees themselves are included in the course.

More often than not, as is the case at Beacon Financial Training, the exam fees are not included and there is a reason for this. When you register for your exams, the ifs School of Training sends out a syllabus and material with the exam registration. Many students know this and many try to learn the syllabus and take the exam using it and fail. If these materials were that easy to understand and learn at home, then most training companies would not exist as there would be no reason for them. However, training companies teaching CeMAP, CeRER and CeFA courses do exist because the ifs School of Training material is difficult to understand, makes heavy reading and the ifs was not set up to handle questions and queries and teach people directly.

In addition, some employers – although this is much more rare nowadays – are prepared to pay for the exams themselves but not the training, so if training companies did include the cost of the exams then many delegates would be paying twice.

On some occasions, students do not even take the training with the idea of gaining the qualification at the end. Particularly with CeMAP training, some students just want to understand the material, perhaps to help with property development or just understanding mortgages or finance for themselves.

It is generally more cost effective to allow students to book their own exams and this is why for many delegates, they do prefer to book the exams themselves.



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