Skipton BS commits to Speed Promise

Skipton Building Society (BS) for Intermediaries has become the latest mortgage lender to commit itself to the Speed Promise that was launched by Trussle last year.

Trussle announced this initiative during the autumn of 2021, which is aimed at improving the efficiency and speed of the mortgage application process. Under the terms of the Speed Promise, customers who apply for loans using it are entitled to a final decision from a lender inside a five-day period, or a payment of £100 if that efficiency target is not met.

In signing up to it, Skipton BS has indicated that this shows how focused it is on supporting home buyers through the mortgage process. The Speed Promise also entitles buyers to get help in finding the right mortgage from an advisor within a day of contacting a lender.

Skipton BS Regional Manager John Scrivens told Mortgage Introducer that the company had been hard at work making its application process simpler via technology during the past two years. He then went on to say:

“We are pleased to be working with Trussle through its Speed Promise and looking forward to supporting more customers with their mortgage requirements.”

Scrivens concluded by pointing out that purchasing a home should be a happy experience and that eliminating the worry and uncertainty that often accompanies it would help to make it so.

All mortgage advisors with the CeMAP qualification want the application process to be as smooth as possible for their clients, so it is to be hoped that this scheme helps with that.


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