Stay focused during your CeMAP exam

When it comes to actually sitting your CeMAP exam you’ll probably feel a lot of pressure to succeed. This is only natural, and something that you shouldn’t worry about. If you remember your CeMAP course, remember your revision and stay calm you’ll be fine during your exam.

A little nerves can actually be beneficial prior to your exam as it can help to motivate you, however it doesn’t help to become too nervous during your exam as it will impede your performance, so try to stay calm as much as possible.

A good method for staying calm and avoiding any feelings of panic during your exam is to breathe deeply. Close your eyes, concentrate on where you are and take long, slow breaths. This will calm your nervous system and relax you for the task ahead.

One thing that everyone fears when taking any kind of exam, and an exam for your CeMAP qualification is no different, is having your mind go blank during the exam itself. Again you shouldn’t panic if this happens, as panicking won’t help you to recall the information. Take slow deep breaths and try to recall the information. If it still doesn’t come to you simply move on to the next question and return to it later in the exam.

Finally, you shouldn’t worry about any prior exam results you may have had. If you’d have exams in the past where your results weren’t what you wanted or you struggled a little, put them out of your mind. This is a different exam for a different qualification, and you have worked hard for your CeMAP exam.



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