Stress-busting exam tips

Having made the decision to become a mortgage professional, you will also be committing to the study needed in order to get qualified. Studying can be a stressful experience, particularly when working it around your current lifestyle commitments, such as work and family life.

To ensure you get the most from your study and are ready to tackle the end exams with positivity and determination, here are some top tips to ensure you are ready to tackle the exam when the time arrives:

Plan regular breaks

Your concentration goes through cycles that last around 90 minutes, making regular breaks a must-do. The brain actually stops storing information after this time, so taking a break of up to 10 minutes will recharge and refocus your mind, ready to return to your studies.

Walk around to stretch your legs, and have a glass of water and healthy snack if needed.

Make ‘good’ food choices

Feeding your brain appropriately is vital in supporting your studies, as is keeping yourself hydrated. Making healthier food choices over takeaways and processed food with help to regulate your blood sugar levels, and ensure that your brain can take in the information contained in your study materials.

Deep breath

Breathing properly is a simple but effective method that instantly creates a feeling of calm, as it is a stress reliever. Take a big deep breath in, before exhaling a long and slow exhale as if blowing a candle out. Repeat a couple of times to calm yourself, and help to regain control and focus in your studies.

Sleep well

Sometimes it’s easier said than done when you are thinking of a looing exam date, but it is important to take the time to wind down and relax after a block of studying. Try and keep your bed for sleeping, so don’t study there, and avoid technology for at least an hour before going to sleep to allow you brain to wind down.

Power naps can be beneficial if you have the time during the day. Research has shown that even five minutes’ napping between 2pm and 5pm can improve your cognitive abilities.

Reward yourself

Committing to working towards a recognised qualification, such as CeMAP, is hard work and takes dedication and determination. It is important to acknowledge when you do well in a particular topic area, and reward yourself for your hard work.

Research has shown that people who study in this manner are better at coping with stress and are generally healthier.



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