Strong support for stamp duty holiday extension among advisors

A survey asking mortgage advisors whether they believe the holiday on paying stamp duty should go on past the current deadline found that two thirds think it should.

This survey was carried out by Twenty7Tec, and the company spoke to all of its 14,000 advisors to get their views about the stamp duty holiday. This is currently due to end on 30th June, but the advisors were asked if they would embrace an extension period of three months, with 66.43% stating that they would support the idea.

By contrast, just 33.57% indicated that they thought the stamp duty holiday should end on the planned date, with one out of every two advisors that participated in the survey stating the scheme should definitely be extended.

Some of the reasons given by those that support the idea of keeping the raised stamp duty threshold in place for longer include maintaining the property market boom, helping removals companies deal with their backlogs and reducing the pressure faced by solicitors.

Speaking to Financial Reporter, Twenty7Tec CEO James Tucker said:

“The survey shows a significant majority of brokers voting yes to extending the stamp duty holiday. They know that the tax relief has kept them busy over recent months, and the vast majority are keen for it to remain that way.”

Those who did not support an extension argued that ending the holiday would restore stability to the property market.

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