Survey highlights consumers’ house price fears

People’s confidence in the mortgage market has fallen to its lowest over the last 12 months.

A recent survey conducted by Halifax showed that over 60% of people felt that house prices would increase over the next year, which has led to the worry among homebuyers that when combined with new stricter lending regulation, their dream home may be pushed out of reach.

Halifax’s mortgage director, Craig McKinlay, said that consumers have a lack of confidence in the housing market and feel that it has reached a ceiling. The study seems to corroborate other studies that have revealed a calm in the market, following an era that has seen positive data.

London features within the studies as a place that has witnessed continual growth, and an area that people feel may still continue to see an increase in prices.

For professionals who have undertaken and completed their CeMAP training, it means a continual stream of business as buyers look to source their mortgages and move into their dream homes.

Areas that showed slower growth exuded an optimism about buying a home, particularly in the North East of the country. The biggest barrier many feel they face is saving a large enough deposit, along with the combined outgoings of all household finances.

Whilst this study showed people to be concerned for the future of house prices, other reports have suggested that tougher lending regulation and talk of rate increases may in fact prompt the weakening of the house price growth.



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