System for mortgage advisors launched by Darlington BS

Darlington Building Society is introducing a brand new system targeted at mortgage advisors, called Mortgage Hub, to make applications easier to complete and submit.

The building society has indicated that the Mortgage Hub platform is intended to help mostly with particularly complex applications, by reducing the work involved in the simpler parts of the process. It is also saying there will be underwriters with considerable industry experience on hand to look at the more complicated parts of these applications individually, so their complexity does not lead to automatic rejection.

Mortgage Hub has been constructed using the mortgage sales and originations (MSO) software created by fintech firm Iress. The ADP (auto decision platform) software provided by another leading tech firm – LendingMetrics – has also been integrated into it.

Darlington BS is predicting that the launch of Mortgage Hub will lead to improvements in service standards and a rise in the number of applications successfully processed.

Speaking to Mortgage Strategy, the chief executive officer for the building society, Andrew Craddock, stated:

“This is a major investment for Darlington Building Society. We’re thrilled to be the first building society outside of the top 10 to implement this level of technology into our mortgage process.”

He added that the society wanted to make the business of applying for loans for their clients more efficient for advisors.

Any advisor with CeMAP training knows that this process can be time consuming, with technology offering a route to simpler application processes.


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