The Role & Qualities Needed To Become A Mortgage Advisor

A mortgage advisor is a person who helps customers to find a mortgage that is right for them and their personal circumstances.

To become a mortgage advisor you must first undergo CeMAP training, which can be done either on a specialist CeMAP course or on a home study CeMAP course.  The person must then pass their CeMAP exam.

Only once they are CeMAP qualified, can they give mortgage advice.

As a mortgage advisor, you need to interact with members of the general public and so you should have good customer service skills.

The mortgage advisor will help the customer to apply for their mortgage, oversee the mortgage application and in this process will build a long term relationship with their customers.  Many mortgage advisors build such a relationship with their customers that they return again and again, and the mortgage advisors helps them to arrange all the mortgages they need throughout their life.

Many mortgage advisors have the opportunity to sell other services such as insurance, but that depends on how they work and the type of insurance.

To be a good mortgage advisor, you will need:

  • to get your CeMAP qualification
  • Good communication or customer service skills
  • Be sales focused

If you are unsure if a career as a mortgage advisor is right for you, a good CeMAP training company should be happy to answer any questions you might have.



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