Top 5 Benefits of Home Study CeMAP

Home study CeMAP courses are readily available nowadays and most people making enquiries about them seem to choose home study for one of two reasons: either they cannot or do not want to attend a full time CeMAP course or they want to get through the material at their own pace. However, studying CeMAP from home has other benefits too, so here are our top 5:

1. Home study courses are generally far cheaper than classroom courses because the provider doesn’t have to hire rooms or use office space, provide lunch, travel to the venue themselves and so all these overheads are no longer required
2. You have no need for fancy equipment. Access to a computer is helpful if you wish to study online, but a good CeMAP training company will also offer a hard copy if you want it. Despite the advent of the internet, many people still like to read something for themselves – and the cost of printing can be prohibitive if your course is only online
3. Access and use the materials wherever you like. Having the choice to study online or from a hard copy or from a printed copy gives you a lot of extra time when you could study. You could study in your lunch hour at work or in the library, study from your laptop out and about, work on the train to and from work or anywhere you please
4. Regular self-testing means you’re free to test and re-test yourself on the areas of the syllabus that you might feel you need more practice on, rather than going with the majority of a classroom group, no matter how small that might be
5. With a quality home study course, you should not miss out on tutor support so be sure the company you use offers some form of tutorial support, whether by telephone or email, as and when you might need it



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