Top tips on preparing for CeMAP training

In order to work as a professional mortgage adviser, it is important to ensure you are adequately qualified. For many people, this will mean having experience working in the financial services arena. This can be in the UK or abroad, and in any area. However, before working as an MA in the UK, Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) recognised qualifications are necessary. CeMAP is the most recognised.

However, as with most financial qualifications, they are not just handed out to anyone. A good deal of work is needed, a lot of effort and, of course, commitment. Without these, there is no reason even considering undertaking CeMAP training. With them though, you’re halfway there.

Naturally, there are a few things you need to be aware of as you prepare to start your CeMAP course. Before signing up to a programme therefore, it is well worth considering a few top tips that will help you start out on the right path.


When looking at CeMAP courses, it is essential to understand what experience the person teaching you has. This experience should certainly be from a teaching professional and should ideally come from working within the financial sector personally. The greater the number of years’ experience, the better.

Though the course is extensive and gives a good grounding, the real life experiences of trained financial advisers cannot be beaten. In an ideal world, experienced mortgage advisers will conduct the training too.

Check the details

The reason why you are undertaking CeMAP training is to be able to enter the world as a mortgage adviser. Therefore, it is essential that you are taught by somebody qualified. As a result, it is well worth asking to see the trainer’s own certification, which any reputable professional will be happy to provide.

Seeing the certificate is also another way to ascertain experience. The date the certificate was awarded is a good indicator here of course. However, regulation for mortgage advice was not brought in until 2004, though CeMAP was recognised in 1997.

Prior study

There are some schools of thought that suggest a pre CeMAP study into financial services and mortgages should be done. Up to 40 hours of such study is recommended by many training providers. However, this is not always necessary, particularly if working with a well experienced provider. Getting your brain in gear is advisable though.

Module selection

Many people cherry pick the modules they want to study first. In many ways, this makes sense as CeMAP 2 and 3 modules do take a lot of their cues from CeMAP 1. However, it could create gaps in learning. It is far better to do the course in full, in order. Doing such full time courses also often comes with guaranteed passes from many good providers.

These are just some sensible tips for ensuring you go into your CeMAP training as well prepared as you can be. Having selected the right way to prepare and the right training provider to prepare you, you should soon be able to look at a professional career in mortgage advice with CeMAP in your pocket.



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