Top tips for passing the CeMAP exam

After taking a CeMAP training course, your next hurdle is to pass the CeMAP exam. Passing can be tough as candidates need to achieve a 70% success rate, but the following tips can help increase your chances:


Revising is essential, but it helps to do it in a methodical way. Staying up until 3am for a cramming session the night before your exam is definitely not the way to do it!

Create a strict timetable of study, but allow for regular breaks to stop yourself becoming overtired. Putting in too many hours studying without a break can cause you to lose focus and impair your memory.

It helps to revise in an environment where you are unlikely to be disturbed. If there are areas that you feel weak on, spend more time on them during revision than the other subjects.

Read the questions properly

The CeMAP exam consists of multiple choice questions taken on a computer.

Candidates are often nervous when starting the exam. Each module of the exam has a fixed time limit for answering questions, and aware that time is passing, many candidates try to rush the exam. This can lead to not reading the questions properly, and answering them wrongly because the question was misunderstood. It’s better to take your time to fully read through each question.

If there are questions that you are not sure about, don’t spend too long rereading them. You can answer other questions first and come back to the harder ones.

Sometimes, the best way to approach a tricky question is to first rule out the obviously wrong answers. Even if your final choice is a guess, you could be right by chance after eliminating answers you know are wrong.

Before the exam

The day before the exam make sure that you get a good night’s sleep. On the day of the exam, dress in comfortable clothes that make you feel relaxed. There is no dress code for sitting a CeMAP exam, so you need not wear formal clothes.

Be cautious

CeMAP questions about mortgage lending are based on cautious lending policies. There may be more adventurous products on the market, but the CeMAP exam presumes that you advise on products that use standard income multipliers, with lending fees that tend to be high. CeMAP questions presume that you are not lending to people with a bad credit history.

Positive attitude

Your mental attitude when taking the exam is important. If you have attended a Beacon Financial Training CeMAP course, you will have received quality training that has thoroughly prepared you for the exam. Your tutors expect you to pass, and so should you.

Yes, you could fail the exam, but that is not a disaster as you can easily resit it at another time. Remember, the Beacon Financial Training guarantee means that if you do fail the exam, you can take another CeMAP course for free. Of course, this makes it in both your interests and ours that you pass the exam, so we’ll do our utmost to help you.

CeMAP 1, and CeMAP 2 & 3 in Warrington Course Dates
(CeMAP 1 course runs over 5 days, CeMAP 2 & 3 course runs over 5 days)

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