What can advisors do to avoid stress and burnout?

Mortgage advisors have seen dramatic upturns in their businesses in recent months due to demand within the housing market. This is undoubtedly good news, but such a workload can also bring stress and burnout if care isn’t taken. So, what steps can be taken to avoid that?

Smart working

One option is to look to reduce working hours by making the most efficient use of time. This can be achieved through good management of time, organisation and setting concrete but realistic goals that you aim to accomplish each day. If you did your CeMAP mortgage advisor course online, then you should already have experience of this.

Proper balance

A balance between work and home life is important for reducing stress. If you work for a company, enquire about flexible working options, which many are retaining following the pandemic. Being able to work away from the office at least part of the time will let you spend more time with your family and avoid frustrating commutes. At the same time, working in the office for the other half will enable you to stave off isolation and loneliness.

Healthy lifestyle

There are lifestyle changes advisors can make to keep burnout at bay. Taking time out to relieve stress by going for a stroll each day to somewhere peaceful will help significantly. Reducing drinking alcohol will also be a benefit, as it can have negative effects on your mood and health.

Following these tips should ensure you manage your workload without hurting your health.


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