What happens when the CeMAP syllabus changes?

CeMAP delegates would be forgiven for thinking that the CeMAP syllabus would be likely to change in accordance with legislative updates, however, the syllabus actually changes on an academic basis and so it usually changes annually in September and this is when the CeMAP exams also change.

The one exception to this was in 2006 when the new pensions regulation was introduced in April.  Pension products are covered within the CeMAP syllabus and so as the changes were quite large ones, the CeMAP exams and CeMAP training were changed in the April of that year also, meaning there were actually two updates in 2006.

The next CeMAP training change is due in September of this year.  As with any year, the changes are made to reflect legislative changes affecting the exam, including taxation changes, pension changes and any other relevant information.

As many people will be aware, legislative tax changes usually happen in April, however, as the CeMAP training syllabus does not change until September, there is a period of approximately five months when the CeMAP delegates are working on the last tax year even though real life has moved on to the new tax year.  Unfortunately, students simply have to accept this as it is part of the system, although in the CeMAP exam you are given a table showing all the tax figures for the current exam, so there should be no confusion over which figures to use.

CeMAP training is important and unavoidable if you wish to work as a mortgage advisor in the UK and by investing in a proper CeMAP training course, you can be certain of the latest information.



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