What is a course guarantee worth?

When it comes to choosing a training company with which to study for your CeMAP, CeRER or CeFA qualification, they can sometimes come across as being much the same.  However, delve a little deeper and you are likely to find a great difference between the various training courses available.

For example, how much experience do the trainers personally have?  We are not necessarily talking about within the industry, although that can of course help and our trainer do have this experience, but about experience of teaching.  Most of our expert trainers are ex-teachers or trainers from the education sector so they are used to understanding that people not only learn at different paces but in different ways.

One key difference between training companies is the confidence they have in their own training courses.  Some may have deals with large organisations that always send their in-house staff for their training to a particular company and this could be a sign of confidence – or a sign of knowing the right person or offering the right price.  Guarantees are great ways of a company showing their confidence in their training – ask them what happens if you leave the course and do not know your stuff.  Ask them what happens if you take their course and fail the CeFA, CeRER or CeMAP exam.  A reputable company should have some sort of guarantee in place.



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