What is the new mortgage advisor campaign?

A brand new campaign being launched is to be targeted at mortgage advisors, with the aim of looking after their wellbeing by picking up on early signs of illness or stress before they develop into something serious.

Crystal Specialist Finance is behind the campaign, and the first stage is set to be a poll of mortgage advisors that will try to establish the current levels of their wellbeing. The campaign arrives at a time when COVID-19 has impacted on the usual working routines of all advisors, while the subsequent economic recession could lead many to worry about their futures.

Following on from the initial survey, a mentoring scheme is to be set up that will provide help and support to people working in the finance sector, while roundtable events looking at what can be done to improve wellbeing will also be organised.

Raising awareness and funds for the campaign will take place through charitable events that will be put together with the help of Mind, a charity that deals with mental health issues.

Speaking to FT Adviser, SimplyBiz Mortgages CEO, Martin Reynolds, stated that:

“As we emerge into an environment which undoubtedly offers advisors huge market opportunity it is inevitable that some advisors will still need lifting and supporting emotionally with positivity.”

This is a very healthy initiative, as making sure that advisors look after their mental health is just as important as them undertaking their CeMAP mortgage advisor training and pursuing opportunities for continuous professional development.


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