What should mortgage clubs offer advisors?

Mortgage clubs help advisors to realise their career dreams, but with many advisors now choosing direct FCA authorisation over being an appointed representative, they have to pick their own mortgage clubs. So, what should they be looking for?

Cutting-edge tech

Technology is increasingly important to success as a mortgage advisor, with even CeMAP training courses now often done online, so it is one of the first points to consider when selecting your mortgage club. The club you choose should have the tech needed to communicate with both existing and new clients so that you can keep earning while building your business.

Useful connections

Very few mortgage advisors want to have to turn down offers of work, but if they do not have enough knowledge of a particular subject – for example, bridging finance – they sometimes have no choice. A top mortgage club should enable an advisor to connect with an expert in that subject, who they can work in partnership with to help the client in question.

Help with regulation

Advisors who are self-employed have to deal with all compliance and regulation matters themselves, and additional regulations like Consumer Duty, which is being introduced this year, will add to the workload that involves. A quality mortgage club will be able to relieve some of that pressure by providing help, such as third-party consultancy partner compliance, so that you have more time to focus on supporting your clients.

Follow these three handy tips to make sure that you join a mortgage club that works for you.


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