What you need to start your mortgage advisor career

A mortgage advisor career can be satisfying and financially rewarding, and CeMAP training is the first step to your career in the industry. To get your first job, you’ll need more than a certificate though.


Obviously, the first qualification you need to start your mortgage advisor career is the CeMAP certificate. A CeMAP training course equips you with the knowledge and skills needed to pass the exams.

Your first job will be a trainee or junior position. Employers are looking for specific skills and experience in candidates. Many employers require candidates to have good GCSE qualifications too.

The job of mortgage advisor involves dealing with people, so experience in a customer service or a sales role can help.

Many employers will carry out credit and background checks to make sure you are suitable for a responsible position.


As well as qualifications and experience, employers are looking for people with the skills a mortgage advisor needs.

At the job interview, they will assess if you have effective communication skills. You must demonstrate that you can communicate clearly and succinctly. You must also show that you are a good listener and have thoroughly understood interview questions before answering. One of the tasks a mortgage advisor needs to master is the ability to clearly explain complex issues and financial data to clients.

You will need good numeracy and IT skills, but do not necessarily need formal IT qualifications as long as you can demonstrate your ability to use common applications such as Microsoft Word and Excel, and are familiar with databases.

You will need to show excellent customer service skills. This can be demonstrated by how you conduct yourself in the interview, but it also helps to have worked in customer service.

Knowledge of the job

CeMAP training provides you with the legal and financial knowledge a mortgage advisor needs to possess. Roleplaying sessions in the course teach you something of what a mortgage advisor does, but you need to convince prospective employers that you know what will be required of you as a mortgage advisor.

A mortgage advisor guides clients on buying a home. They need to establish the financial status of the clients to establish the amount they can borrow and the affordability of repaying the mortgage. They help clients choose from the many types of mortgages.

Advisors need to clearly explain how repayments are made and steps that clients can take to protect their mortgage payments should they fall ill or lose their employment. This can involve selling mortgage protection insurance.

The advisor will help clients complete the application process. They will also liaise with estate agents, valuers and lenders to help the process run smoothly.

Lastly, motivation is a must, not only because there are sales targets to meet, but also because the best advisors genuinely enjoy the satisfaction of helping their clients move into their own home.

Start today

If a mortgage advisor career is for you, book your CeMAP training course at Beacon Financial Training today. How far your career goes from there is up to you.



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