What you should know before booking a CeMAP course

Deciding to study and take a CeMAP course is a big decision; aside from the time involved, there is a cost involved taking up your hard-earned money so here is our lowdown on what you need to know before booking a CeMAP course so you can be sure it’s the right one for you:

The CeMAP is the basic prerequisite qualification you need if you want to be able to give mortgage advice and was developed with the Institute of Financial Services (IFS) and the Council of Mortgage Lenders (CML).

There are three modules in total, and you will need all three to have the qualification. There are no minimum requirements in either education or age in order to take the exams.

A specialist CeMAP training course should be run by a professional, reputable company whose tutors will coach you. There is usually an intensive programme or a home study course, which will cover the whole of the syllabus for the module. A course should include mock exams from real, past paper exams as there is a style to the questions and becoming familiar with this will help you. Unit tests or exams should be used to help you narrow down any areas of the syllabus where you might need to spend a little extra time reviewing.

Some courses are designed specifically for those with experience in the financial industry and others are designed for those completely new to the area. Check how many people will be on the course at the same time as you. If it is greater than 12, then there should certainly be more than one teacher. Check the company’s success rate and if they have any form of guarantee, such as a free place on the next course if you fail. Again, higher groups numbers could be an indication of how many people failed before and are attending again. You might want to check if the company has a working relationship or does training for larger organisations with a regular need for people with the CeMAP qualification.

Nobody is allowed to give mortgage advice without the CeMAP so if you want to work in this area, then you will need to take the exam so be sure to choose a reputable company who can ensure you understand the material.



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