Where can I take my CeMAP exam?

CeMAP training courses are available all over the UK, in cities convenient to most people such as Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester, Birmingham and London to name but a few, and if you are looking to study for the CeMAP exam then you can study a training course anywhere, even choosing to study online from home if you wish.

However, every month people question where they can take the actual CeMAP exam because they want to take the exam close to home.  People often do not realise that the exam centres used for people taking their driving theory tests are the exact same places used for CeMAP exams and other exams in the financial industry, such as the CeFA or CeRER exams.

The financial industry exams are not taken every day in these centres so when you are ready or you want to book your CeMAP exam, it is often useful to check a few test centres in and around your area to see when the next batch or available slots are for the CeMAP exam.

If you want to know where you can take your CeMAP exam, check out our Find Your Nearest Exam Centre page, which will show you both on a map and in a list sorted by distance.



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