Where Can I Take My CeMAP exams?

The Institute of Financial Services (IFS) School of Finance is the specialist body that awards all sorts of financial qualifications in the UK.  Their courses range from those issued by schools and colleges, to degrees, financial advisor courses and more.

When it comes to taking the exams, the IFS use a variety of venues dependent upon the exam.  For those exams issued in colleges, for example, the exams are taken at the respective college.

In the case of the CeMAP exams, the IFS use the Pearson Vue centres.  You may be familiar with your local Pearson Vue centre if you took your driving test, as they are also used for the driving tests, both practical and theory.

This means that most people will find a test centre local to them or within a reasonable travelling distance and you can see a list online at the Pearson Vue website and you can check availability online too.

However, the disadvantage is that you may find your local test centre is very busy because the CeMAP exams are not their core business.

Different test centres work in different ways.  Some of them have a week or two blocked out for CeMAP exams so you may find that there is plenty of availability on one week and none the next.

Other exams, such as my local test centre, only release a few days availability for CeMAP each week at a time to avoid getting fully booked too far ahead.  This is why if you checked your local centre’s availability for three weeks ahead and there seemed to be no available slots, it is still worth checking the availability again the next week.

A good CeMAP training company will be able to offer you advice on booking your CeMAP exams.



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