Where do I go for CeMAP exams?

No matter who you take a CeMAP course with, the Institute of Financial Services (IFS) School of Finance is the awarding body with whom you need to take your financial qualifications – whether that’s CeMAP exams, CeFA exams or advanced mortgage advisor qualifications, such as the CeRER.

When you’re ready to take your CeMAP exams, the IFS uses Pearson Vue centres for these. If you have learned to drive, then you might already know the name of Pearson Vue – their exam centres are the same ones you go to when you want to take a driving test (theory or practical).

The good thing about taking CeMAP exams is that there will most likely be a test centre close to you or within a relatively easy travelling distance. If you look on our site here at Beacon Financial Training, you will see we have a tool that allows you to enter your postcode and how far you are willing to travel and this will show you the nearest Pearson Vue centres to you. Alternatively you can go directly to the Pearson Vue website where you can also check the availability.

If your preferred exam centre appears to have no availability then it is worth checking the next nearest or even checking on a different day. This is because some test centres only release the availability for CeMAP exams one week at a time so they can avoid becoming too fully booked too far ahead so if you checked your local centre already and found none in the next few weeks, it can be worth checking again in a few days.

A reputable CeMAP training firm can give you advice when booking CeMAP exams.



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