Who is eligible to take CeMAP training courses?

There are many people who consider learning towards starting a new career, from school leavers to older people who are in an established role but feel that they would benefit from a change of scene.

Although it is commonly accepted that a person leaving education will embark on a training course, someone already on a career path may believe that it isn’t possible to retrain in another area.

CeMAP training courses will arm a person with all the required knowledge to become a competent mortgage adviser who can help others who wish to find their dream home. Buying a property is a complex process, which makes it harder for buyers to be sure that they are taking out a suitable mortgage, and paying the right amount for a property. There are so many variants available to a buyer that it is easy to make a mistake, which could end up costing thousands. Becoming a mortgage adviser is a fulfilling career, knowing that you are helping others to find a home within their budget.

To be eligible for CeMAP training courses, you need to have a good standard of general education, although no previous experience in the industry is necessary. Although being able to study towards an exam is necessary, you can choose between taking a course in a classroom-based environment, or learn by taking an online course so you can learn at your own pace. It is possible to take a CeMAP course at any age, whether you are already in employment or looking for a new career.



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