Why becoming a mortgage broker has never been more advantageous

If you’re considering a career as a mortgage advisor, you might be wondering how much work you’ll be able to secure once practising. While fully trained and experienced mortgage advisors have been known to earn sought-after salaries and enviable bonuses, you may also be wondering why a homebuyer might choose a broker rather than deal directly with a lender.

The truth is that mortgage brokers have earned a reputation for being strong allies when securing loans for homes, with many banks, building societies, financial forums and institutions recommending their help. The old image of advisors simply offering up a list of mortgage products available and claiming their fee no longer holds weight, with qualified brokers using specialist skills and knowledge to assist clients in securing their ideal mortgage.

Outstanding potential to earn

A successful mortgage advisor who has completed their CeMAP training can go on to gain first-hand experience working in-house or carving a career for themselves working freelance. Whether employed on staff or in a temporary capacity, a practising mortgage broker can potentially secure an annual income of over £50,000, not to mention additional advantages like a company car, expense account and a dedicated healthcare package.

For proactive individuals, working as a CeMAP qualified mortgage advisor can be an exceptionally lucrative pursuit.

Navigating the complexities of legislation

Although they must constantly keep their knowledge current, a broker who has completed their CeMAP mortgage advisor training course will have an expert understanding of the laws governing mortgages and offering advice. Changes to legislation have led to rules being tightened regarding not only affordability checks, but the qualifications advisors must possess to practise, along with transparency of the fees they charge. Due to this new level of dependability, many financial institutions are now suggesting that those seeking a mortgage consult a broker, admitting that new legislation has made it increasingly difficult to secure a mortgage.

A trustworthy source for suitable mortgages

Thanks to qualifications like CeMAP that allow practicing brokers to place the characters after their names, thereby alerting clients and employers of their skill, advisors have become trusted professionals. With so many products on the market that are constantly changing, advisors are sought-after to scour those available and deliver the best deals possible. CeMAP training helps advisors get to grips with the market but it also teaches them how to fast-track mortgage applications for their clients, saving them not just money, but also valuable time and inconvenience.

A new selection of mortgage schemes

The recent pandemic is also changing the landscape of available mortgages. From first-time buyers to key workers staffing the front lines, such as nurses, police officers and those in the fire services, a wide variety of new products are being planned by the government to assist those looking to purchase a home.

Working as a broker, you will not only experience the financial rewards, but gain the satisfaction of knowing you have helped others to make what is often the largest and most important purchase of their lifetime.


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