Why don’t CeMAP courses include exam fees?

Every now and then, somebody asks why CeMAP courses do not automatically include the price of taking the exam.

Some CeMAP training companies do include them, however, that can cause issues for some delegates.

Not everybody takes a CeMAP training course, or even other training like the CeFA training courses, for the reasons you might think, i.e. to become a mortgage advisor or a financial advisor. We have featured an article before on ‘Reasons for CeMAP Training’ and you can see from this article that there are actually a wide number of reasons why people do the training. In fact, it was only once we started teaching CeMAP and from speaking to different delegates that we realised this for ourselves.

If you wanted a CeMAP course and didn’t want to become a mortgage advisor then it may be that you don’t want to take the exam and incur that cost. At £135 per exam (at the time of writing), that’s a lot of money to waste.

In some cases, people want to take their training courses straight away and budgetary reasons mean it is easier to pay for the exam afterwards.

In many cases, it is better if the choice is left to the delegate, although a reputable CeMAP or CeFA training company confident in their teaching and materials should be only too happy to offer some sort of resit Guarantee.



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