Why is customer service an important part of mortgage advice?

After undertaking a CeMAP training course, those seeking to become a mortgage advisor will have the legal right to practice giving advice to those looking to purchase a property.

Roles such as an advisor, especially one who deals with financial matters, require individuals to interact proficiently and effectively with those they serve.

Buying a house is typically the largest investment a person will make in a lifetime and is often a key step on securing a future for themselves and their family. As a person in a trusted position, the relationship a mortgage advisor builds with their clients is key to keep the process simple and successful. This requires exceptional customer services skills.

There can be little doubt that customer service is among the most key qualities needed by a mortgage advisor today. Homebuyers who experience high levels of customer service rank the brokers that serve them highly in surveys, helping advisors secure a professional reputation and further their career.

Lenders will select to work with advisors known for providing a smooth and seamless service for all involved, shaving valuable time off mortgage applications and making the process more efficient and cost-effective.

Read on for some important elements of customer services mortgage brokers will need to master if they wish to climb to the highest positions in their profession.

Communicating complex information

While an advisor must be able to comprehend the complexities of mortgage products, they must also have the ability to convey this information to their clients without industry jargon. Advisors have a legal and ethical responsibility to fully inform their customers about the products they are presenting to them. This means that they often have to explain complicated facts, figures and processes using simple language to ensure they are adequately understood.

Being a good listener

Communication is a two-way process and while an ability to explain information is essential, advisors must also be excellent listeners who are able to understand a client’s personal needs, current financial situation and property goals.

Managing client relations

Where large sums of money are involved, it is understood that there will also be increased stress levels experienced. Mortgage advisors can mitigate this by ensuring they stay on top of communications and keep their clients well informed of every step in the process.

How can CeMAP help your customer service skills?

It is a given that would-be brokers will already be practicing their customer service skills in their daily life and current employment prior to studying CeMAP, but our courses at Beacon Financial Training reflect our understanding of how vital these abilities are for advisors.

Both our home study and classroom courses offer candidates a firm foundation in their new field, allowing them to understand the market, legislation, and ethical obligations they can then pass on to their customers. We take pride in preparing advisors for their client-facing role, empowering them to cope with a wide range of situations, from managing homebuyer stress levels to product expectations.

If you’re ready to take your first steps and begin studying to be a broker, get equipped with the customer service skills you need on a CeMAP training course.


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