According to O2, the largest mobile phone operator in the UK, the British public are more likely to pay their mobile phone bill than their mortgage. This is because the UK public consider their mobile phones more important than their mortgages, as they cannot live without their mobiles.

The UK boss of O2, Ronan Dunne, claims that the 19 million people who use O2 in the UK consider their phones as vital parts of their lives.

According to O2:

Research shows that people would sooner leave home without their wallet than without their mobile. There are bills that do not take priority over a mobile phone, including for some even their mortgages.

But if people find themselves in difficulty we invite them to discuss their situation.

This seems strange in today’s financial climate, especially when O2 offer a contract that allows customers to cancel their mobile phone contracts with just 30 days notice, without incurring any kind of penalty. This particular scheme was created so that customers who were reluctant to sign a mobile phone contract for 18 months could still take out a contract with a quick release clause. O2 claim that over 30% of their customers are on the short term contract, yet are still more likely to stop paying their mortgages than their mobile phone contract.

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