With savings returns at an all time low and the stock market rarely paying out dividends at the moment, it seems that buy to let is once again attracting property investors.  The key nowadays is making sure your figures add up.

Property is still providing a reliable income despite falling house prices and although plenty of buy to let landlords that were a little naïve and jumped on the bandwagon a while ago are experiencing trouble, many cautious investors are still seeing buy to let mortgages as a great way to make steady income.

The days or making a quick buck from rising house prices might be over but the current investment opportunities from buy to let mortgages are still highly profitable if the figures are calculated properly.

Before you go rushing off to see the mortgage advisor, it might be an idea to calculate what is called the ‘yield’ – this is the rental return compared to the outlay you would be making.  It is certainly possible even in this depressed housing market to make 10 per cent per year – much higher than any savings and most stock market investments.

It is also important to do your research – including the area (as they say, location, location location..), the property type and potential tenants.  Making money on buy to let mortgages is not easy, but is certainly possible.

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