Study CeFA online to save time

There are many people who would love to attend a full time course to get their CeFA qualification and get into the financial advice industry. Giving financial advice is a profession that is almost recession-proof. At times when people feel prosperous they have extra cash to invest and save and a financial advisor is usually […]

How long will it take me to pass the CeMAP/CeFA exams?

How long it will take to study and pass the CeMAP or the CeFA exams could be a question of how long is a piece of string, but it does come down to a few factors: Firstly, are you studying using the home study method or the full time training course?  Full time training courses […]

Are mock exams included in the courses?

Within our short articles, we try to address the most common and frequently asked questions by those interested in our CeMAP, CeRER or CeFA courses in a little more detail than perhaps we can on our FAQs page, and one that is often asked is whether or not mock exams are included in the price […]

Do courses include the cost of the exams?

We are often asked if our CeMAP courses, or other courses such as CeFA or CeRER, include the cost of the exams within the courses. None of our courses do actually include the exam prices within the advertised price and there is a very good reason for this. The main reason is that although a […]

Does the course follow the syllabus?

When you are looking at CeMAP training, CeFA courses or studying for the CeRER exam, whatever the course may be, then it is important that you find a training company that is experienced in getting delegates through these exams. Every course should follow the syllabus and should have been put together with the latest syllabus […]

Should exam prices be included in course fees?

When potential students of the CeMAP, CeFA or CeRER start to shop around for training courses, one of the first questions they often ask is whether or not the exam fees themselves are included in the course. More often than not, as is the case at Beacon Financial Training, the exam fees are not included […]

How organised is your training provider?

Training courses of any kind need to be organised well if they are to run smoothly, whether the course is for CeRER, CeFA or CeMAP training or of any other kind. Before you book onto any training course with any training provider you might want to ask a few questions: –    check how often the […]

Training in the recession: CeFA training

If being a mortgage advisor is a future-proof career then a career as a financial advisor is twice as future-proof. People will always want to own their own homes in Britain as it’s part

Are CeMAP 1 and CeFA 1 interchangeable?

Throughout this site, we discuss the different syllabuses on both CeMAP and CeFA exams and the different units involved in each. To acquire the CeMAP qualification, there are three separate units to pass: CeMAP 1, 2 and 3.  To acquire the CeFA qualification, there are four units to pass, aptly named CeFA 1, 2, 3 […]