Should I study CeFA online from home?

When it comes to studying for the CeFA qualification, as many people want to be able to study online from home as those who want to take a full time CeFA training course.  As with most things, there are pros and cons to each method of study but with the advent of the internet, studying […]

CeFA or CeMAP?

When people start to think about becoming qualified to work in the financial industry, becoming either a financial advisor or a mortgage advisor are probably the two most popular choices and require either the CeFA or the CeMAP training and qualification respectively. If a person is lucky enough to already work or have experience of […]

FSA to review financial advisor rules

Many people are confused by the different types of financial advisor available to them.  Often, someone is reluctant to pay for advice so they look for a financial advisor that can advise them ‘for free’ and instead earn their money by taking a commission from the company that their client eventually places their business with. […]

A Christmas gift for a mortgage advisor

Mortgage advisors are a strange breed, we find.  Highly intelligent (of course), interested in ensuring financial stability and great communicators, but they can also be very difficult to buy for at Christmas. In the current financial climate, some mortgage advisors are having to look around for ways to diversify their income and those that have […]