How to become a professional mortgage broker

It’s no wonder that many people choose to become a mortgage broker, considering experienced advisors can command salaries of over £70,000 per annum. Even at entry level, starting salaries can be around £22,000, and this is before the many perks and incentives are added that practising advisors also enjoy. While...

Handy hints for a successful CeMAP exam result

When you’ve studied all information in each module of a CeMAP training course, your next challenge will be to successfully pass your exam. If you’ve been attentive to your studies and taken the time to fully understand your chosen subject, you may feel prepared to pass, but for those with...

Benefits of learning CeMAP skills from qualified tutors

From the complexities of legislation to the current financial uncertainties facing people during the coronavirus crisis, for those wishing to acquire a mortgage, expert advisors are increasingly in demand. By far the quickest and most effective way to kickstart a career as a broker, recognised CeMAP training courses can (more…)

How to plan for CeMAP studies

If you’re embarking on a new career as a mortgage advisor in the United Kingdom, a Certificate in Mortgage Advice and Practice, better known as a CeMAP, is the ideal starting (more…)

CeMAP 1 Training Courses

If you ask any mortgage advisor who has been working in the mortgage industry for any length of time about CeMAP 1, then they might go a little pale, or break into a sweat or even feel a little faint. They will invariably say how hard it was, how glad...