Advancing your career as a mortgage broker

If you are a goal oriented professional, practising as a mortgage advisor can be an exciting and rewarding career. From successfully completing each deal for your clients to working for larger and more prominent firms, there are many personal challenges you can rise to. You can also reap the benefits of

Why obtain the CeRER qualification?

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) oversees the financial services market and lays out the regulation that must be adhered to in order to provide lending facilities. When buying a property, most people look at obtaining a mortgage, and would seek the support and advice of a mortgage advisor. Working in this

Mortgages: 20 percent of over-55s owe over £65k

More than 20 percent of those over 55 years old are still paying off a mortgage worth on average £65,107 according to recent figures. The report from Aviva revealed approximately 21 percent of those aged over-55 still have to make monthly mortgage repayments. Those over the age of 75 have

Equity release body SHIP welcomes WRIC

Equity release trade body SHIP (Safe Home Income Plans) has welcomed the launch of the WRIC, which has been set up to investigate how the UK can change its plans to help its aging population prepare for retirement. The WRIC was launched by NAPF

What does the CeRER qualification do?

Many of those potentially interested in taking their CeMAP training want to know whether the CeMAP is the only qualification they need in order to work as a mortgage advisor and what the CeRER qualification is for. CeRER stands for Certificate in Regulated Equity release and unlike the CeMAP or the CeFA courses, it does […]

Are mock exams included in the courses?

Within our short articles, we try to address the most common and frequently asked questions by those interested in our CeMAP, CeRER or CeFA courses in a little more detail than perhaps we can on our FAQs page, and one that is often asked is whether or not mock exams are included in the price […]