Should exam prices be included in course fees?

When potential students of the CeMAP, CeFA or CeRER start to shop around for training courses, one of the first questions they often ask is whether or not the exam fees themselves are included in the course. More often than not, as is the case at Beacon Financial Training, the exam fees are not included […]

How organised is your training provider?

Training courses of any kind need to be organised well if they are to run smoothly, whether the course is for CeRER, CeFA or CeMAP training or of any other kind. Before you book onto any training course with any training provider you might want to ask a few questions: –    check how often the […]

Training in the recession: CeRER training

The CeRER qualification is one that can only be taken if you already have your CeMAP qualification although you don’t have to be a practicing mortgage advisor. When you get your CeMAP qualification, you are qualified as a trainee mortgage advisor although you still have to undergo your Competent Advisor Status (CAS) to be fully […]

CeRER training required for equity release products

Recently we touched upon CeRER training in an article discussing the findings of a survey from RBS Reverse Mortgages, which showed why more people are using equity release mortgages (also called reverse mortgages)  and surprisingly, it was not just to indulge themselves by spending the children’s inheritance but to fund their retirement. Critics of equity […]

Why people use equity release mortgages

According to recent research from RBS Reverse Mortgages, people are not taking out equity release mortgages, otherwise known as reverse mortgages, just to spend their children’s inheritance. RBS Reverse Mortgages conducted a survey and discovered that repairs to the home and supplementing the retirement income are the two biggest reasons. In equity release mortgages, or […]

Pensioners could free £611 billion with equity release

Equity release is a hot topic in the media at the moment and the Prudential has released figures this week demonstrating that struggling pensioners are sitting on a goldmine with approximately £611 billion worth of equity in their homes. The Prudential Equity Release Index shows that despite

Pensioners using equity release to pay mortgage

According to an equity release specialist, over a third of pensioners in the UK are still paying off their mortgage. The figures shows that around 33 per cent of pensioners aged 65 or over still have a mortgage to pay off.  Last year, the number of pensioners using equity release schemes to be able to […]

Equity release for long term care costs

As Britain has become increasingly aware over recent years, there is an aging population issue within the UK as the number of people over state pension age increases. There is consequently a shortage of accommodation and so those who need long term care are sometimes forced to move miles from friends, family and those who […]

Why is the CeRER exam becoming so popular?

As the Head of Financial Regulation at the ifs School of Finance himself said, the CeRER qualification is becoming increasingly popular. In July this year, the Head of financial regulation at the ifs School of Finance, Roberts, said: “We have received almost