How much can a mortgage broker expect to earn?

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If you’re looking into a new career path that will see you become a professional mortgage broker, it’s understandable that your potential salary will be in firm focus. In the next sections, we’ll examine the initial steps you’ll have to take to begin earning in your new profession, the salary you can expect each year […]

What are the top mortgage broker qualifications?

CeMAP Classroom and Online Training

While there are various different qualifications required for specific areas of providing mortgage advice such as equity release, a Certificate in Mortgage advice and Practice, or CeMAP, is recognised as

What to look for in a mortgage broker course

If you are set on starting a new career offering advice to people seeking a mortgage and helping them secure their future home, you will first need to spend time studying, successfully pass exams and

How long does it take to get CeMAP?

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To become a professional mortgage advisor, you will need a qualification that is accepted by the Financial Conduct Authority. Recognised as a mark of excellence in offering mortgage guidance, a

Can I download the CeMAP course material?

If you’re presently planning a new career as a mortgage advisor, CeMAP courses are a great place to start. An industry standard qualification that’s respected and recognised equally by employers and clients