How to study for the CeMAP exams at home

There are CeMAP training courses in Leeds, London, Manchester and other major cities held throughout the year. You may not be able to take a few days off to attend one of

Top tips for passing the CeMAP exam

After taking a CeMAP training course, your next hurdle is to pass the CeMAP exam. Passing can be tough as candidates need to achieve a 70% success rate, but the

What do you study on CeMAP courses?

Mortgage advisers assist people with what is usually the largest purchase in their lives. If you want a career as a mortgage adviser, you need to gain a CeMAP qualification. CeMAP is an abbreviation for

Why study CeMAP courses at home

CeMAP training can be completed either in a classroom environment or as a home study course. Preference depends on each individual, as some people are happier in a classroom, where they can share ideas and information, and ask questions immediately

What can you expect from your CeMAP training?

If you are interested in working within the financial services sector, you will certainly benefit from enrolling on one of the CeMAP courses available. If you would like to specialise as a mortgage adviser, you will be required to