What does it takes to be a successful mortgage advisor?

The housing market is buoyant with many people wanting to buy new homes, and people that stay in their homes are looking to renovate or build extensions. All these people need advice on their best mortgage options. As a qualified professional, a mortgage advisor can help borrowers make the smartest financial decisions. It starts with a […]

Why Attend a residential CeMAP Training Course

One of the problems for many people who attend a CeMAP training course is having to juggle the intense demands of the CeMAP training course with your normal everyday home life, with spouses/partners/children all potentially requiring your attention. Many people find this issue a difficult issue to deal with and therefore if you are in […]

CeMAP Training Course Materials

The rules and regulations in mortgages and financial services in general are always changing, almost every day. Therefore, the syllabus for the CeMAP qualification is also updated every year. When someone is looking to choose a CeMAP training company, they need to make sure that they choose a company that is up to speed with […]

Choosing a CeMAP Training Company

If anyone is looking to become a mortgage adviser, they need to think carefully about which CeMAP training company to choose. There are a lot of companies out there offering CeMAP training courses. So how do you choose??? At Beacon Financial Training we are going to give you 4 good reasons to persuade you to […]


Many people who enquire about CeMAP training often ask us if there are other qualifications which are the same as CeMAP. Answer – there are!!! The Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) is another exam board who offer a mortgage adviser qualification called Certificate in Mortgage Advice where you have to do two exams called CF1 and […]